[pycrypto] windows + linux line endings issue

Nicco Kunzmann niccokunzmann at rambler.ru
Wed Jan 22 03:01:49 PST 2014


I do not know your code but could you check that you save (open(..,
'w*b*')) and load the file (open(..., 'r*b*')) in the binary mode
instead of text  mode without 'b'?


Am 22.01.2014 11:30, schrieb Dave Pawson:
> I want to share an encrypted file across Windows / Linux (say by
> saving the file to Dropbox).
> When I encrypt using Linux and decrypt using Windows, the
> line ending differences screw up the decryption.
> I think it's a Python issue, but I'm unsure. Has anyone addressed
> this please?
> TiA

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