[pycrypto] how to add run path libs when compiling ?

Dwayne C. Litzenberger dlitz at dlitz.net
Sat May 26 11:53:50 EDT 2012

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 05:55:23PM +0200, Daniel Flinkmann wrote:
>I am new to pycrypto and struggling to build the current version.
>I have to add some runtime libraries to the binaries, but I am a bit unsure
>how to achieve that with the build.py in pycrypto.
>In general I can use something like "LDFLAGS= -R/opt/custom_dir/libs ", so that
>all .so files do search for required libs in /opt/custom_dir/libs .

distutils apparenly does respect LDFLAGS, although it treats gcc as the 
linker (rather than ld), so you need to provide gcc-style options.

This should work for you:

     LDFLAGS=-Wl,-R/opt/custom_dir/libs python setup.py build

- Dwayne

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