[pycrypto] Add support for Camellia block cipher to pycrypto 2.0.1.

Yoshisato YANAGISAWA yanagisawa at csg.is.titech.ac.jp
Mon Aug 25 05:37:45 CST 2008

Thank you for your reply,

On 2008/08/25 0:53, Dwayne C. Litzenberger wrote:
> The resulting set of changes is already fairly large, and I don't want 
> to make it larger by adding new ciphers, so Camellia will probably not 
> be included in the next release. I will consider it for future releases, 
> however.

OK, I understood the situation and the goals in the next release.  I
will wait until PyCrypto attains the goals.  After that, I hope PyCrypto
will include the Camellia block cipher, which is fast and strong enough.

> Looking at your patch, I noticed that you have included copyright 
> licensing statements in camellia.c and camellia.h, but the author's name 
> and copyright licensing for the PyCrypto-specific parts of the patch are 
> missing. The ideal situation would be for the PyCrypto-specific 

According to your suggestion, I fixed my patch.  Since we cannot make
public domain softwares under Japanese copyright law, I chose 2-clause
BSD license for the PyCrypto-specific parts.
Fixed version is:

Thank you,

Yoshisato Yanagisawa (Dr.Sc.) <yanagisawa at csg.is.titech.ac.jp>

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