[pycrypto] What needs to happen to have a 2.7 release?

Bahtiar `kalkin-` Gadimov bahtiar at gadimov.de
Wed Feb 10 05:24:16 PST 2016


I need an AES GCM implementation for some free software I'm coding (See
Backstory). Currently there is no native AES GCM implementation for python
besides the last alpha(?) 2.7a1 of pycrypto and PyCryptodome (See About
PyCryptodome). What needs to be done so a new release can happen? 

# Backstory: 
In my free time I'm working on a Gajim-OMEMO Plugin[1]. OMEMO[2] is an XMPP
Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end encryption. It is an
open standard based on Axolotl.

Currently I use a python 2 implementation of GCM which is pretty slow, but there
is practically no alternative, so this implementation gets reused in i.e
http-upload Gajim plugin.

# About PyCryptodome
While PyCryptodome provides an AES GCM implementation, it is not an alternative
because it uses the same namespace as pycrypto. I have to make sure that
everything *else* on what I depend and what depends on my projects,  migrates to
PyCryptodome (Gajim, python-axolotl, gajim-otr-plugin, ...). Even if all the
software is migrated to PyCryptodome, there are still a lot of issues to solve,
like what if the user installs/needs pycrypto?


[1] https://github.com/omemo/gajim-omemo
[2] https://conversations.im/omemo/

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