[pycrypto] Remove DSA because 1024bit is not safe

Legrandin helderijs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 02:21:08 PST 2013

I think you are looking at an older FIPS 186 spec.
The current one allows 3072 bits for DSA.

Besides that, DSA is based on a different hard problem than RSA.
A 1024 bit DSA signature is somewhat more secure than a 1024 bit RSA

2012/12/12 . <dcMhOYBdpZkH at web.de>

> It is important to consider 1024bit DSA - NIST says this too - not
> secure anymore, or do you want your messages to be readable within your
> lifetime?.
> Since DSA max. key size is 1024bit it's time to think
> about removing it completely from pycrypto and use RSA or ECC (with your
> own curves, not NIST's untrustable ones).
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