[pycrypto] setup.py fails to find gmp on Debian/Ubuntu

Sebastian Ramacher sebastian+lists at ramacher.at
Mon Sep 26 15:51:58 CST 2011


On 09/25/2011 10:48 PM, Legrandin wrote:
> Hi Sebastian, all,
> I think the problem is more deep rooted.
> Searching the file system for the gmp library file is not very
> reliable, in that one has to make a lot of assumptions about how the
> linker works.
> Moreover, we don't know if the file we find is actually in the right
> binary format or not.
> I suggest a different approach. We get rid of the searching logic
> altogether, and we simply try to compile a dummy C file that requires
> libgmp. If it compiles, we know that the library is somehow reachable,
> but we don't need to investigate where it actually is.

I like your approach even more.

> That is what has_function() in distutils is supposed to do, but I find
> it very limited: the sought function can only be one that does not
> take any argument, whereas ALL functions in libgmp I know of take at
> least one.
> See attached patch.

I've added a call to customize_compiler to your patch. Then CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
will be honored (as they are during the build). Hence if libgmp is not installed
in a standard location, the paths can be passed with CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. I've
also added calls to delete the files that are generated during the test build.
See the attach patch.

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