[pycrypto] Initial review of Thorsten's Py3k changes

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Tue Jan 11 09:28:59 CST 2011


upon further thought, how would the following work for you to address 
your concerns:

- b('something') vs 'something': Leave literals encased in b(). To 
assure that no malicious changes have been made, use a 30-day trial 
version of Beyond Compare 3, which will, in it's "Text Compare" 
function, highlight the exact changes on each line. It exists for Linux 
and Windows. vimdiff may work just as well, of course. 

- Multiple commits, too much "history of work", not enough "this is the 
change": Would you like me to create a py3kmk2 branch, and have a single 
commit in it with all the changes made?
   I don't think I am going to be very successful with rebase.


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