[pycrypto] Idea: pycrypto user survey

Legrandin gooksankoo at hoiptorrow.mailexpire.com
Sun Jan 9 12:37:32 CST 2011

Hi Thorsten,

Good idea.

In the library list, replace radio button with checkboxes: one might
be using more than one.The widely used M2crypto is also missing.

I would personally like to know whether library users are interesting
in crypto primitives
a) to be natively compiled to be as fast as they can be, even at the
cost of portability (e.g. requiring external libraries)
b) to be natively compiled to be moderately fast, provided that the
library is self-contained
c) to be in pure Python, even at the cost of speed
d) to be available in all forms above, opportunistically selected in
order a->b-c depending on the target environment

It's also interesting to know - in case of external libraries being
used - how important the library license (LGPL, GPL, BSD, etc) and the
source code language (C, C++, assembly) are.

Finally, I would structure the second page differently. Instead of a
list of primitives, I would have categories like
- Widely used and secure crypto primitives (AES, 3DES, RSA, DSA, SHA-2, etc)
- Widely used but known-to-have-a-problem crypto primitives (MD5, DES,
RC2, RC4, SHA-1, etc)
- Seldom used but secure crypto primitives (Blowfish, Camellia, etc)
- Useful, ad-hoc low-level algorithms which can be non-secure if you
don't know what you are going (El Gamal, qNew, etc)
- Widely used and secure higher-level protocols (e.g. PKCS#1 signature
and encryption, HMAC, etc)


2011/1/7 Thorsten Behrens <sbehrens at gmx.li>:
> Hello folk,
> I had an idea: How about we find out who uses pycrypto, and how, and
> what they would like to see in future versions?
> This might be quite helpful in deciding the direction pycrypto
> development should take. I figured I'd ask for participation on
> python-discuss and python-crypto, and hope that no-one is going to take
> that as an invitation to try and bring my web server down.
> I've put a quick sample survey up at:
> http://pycrypto-survey.warshaft.com/index.php?sid=96342&newtest=Y&lang=en
> Please take a look and let me know:
> - Whether you think a survey is a good idea in the first place
> - And if so, which changes if any you'd like to see made to the survey
> before it is activated and throw to the Python masses
> Thanks!
> Thorsten
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