[pycrypto] Issue with the new random.choice() unit test

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Thu Jan 6 06:19:46 CST 2011

Thank you. Patch has been committed. No more random failures, excellent! :D

On 1/5/2011 2:36 PM, Lorenz Quack wrote:
> Hey,
> I now also took a look at AllOrNothing.
> It was using long_to_bytes with out specifing how many bytes it wants 
> returned.
> Requesting a multiple of the block_size fixed the failing test.
> A few rows below it looked like the same could have happened with the 
> key.
> I also fixed that.
> I did not review the code any further.
> patch is attached.
> Cheers,
> //Lorenz

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