[pycrypto] Pycrypto working with python 3.0 or 3.1

Christoph Tapler christoph.tapler at gmx.net
Sun Apr 11 04:32:58 CST 2010


Fyi, I have adapted the test suite and now I am at least able to execute 
it on Python 3.1. However, around 99% of all tests are fail. Moreover, 
at the end of the test suite execution, Python crashes.

Hope to find some time to look into the issues. Anyway, if somebody 
wants to have the patch, please let me know.


On 18.03.2010 02:57, Grail Dane wrote:

> Hi Christoph
> So I tried the suggestion below but still received the error about
> import from non-package :(
> I changed it to read:
> from Crypto.SelfTest.Cipher import common
> return common.make_block_tests(AES, "AES", test_data)
> and it does not error on that but now presents me with a segfault :(
> So I seem to have gone from bad to worse. So I am hoping someone on this
> list might be able to suggest how I can track the fault to find out what
> is wrong now??
> Cheers
> Grail

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